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About Us

Beacon Pharmacy Team

Beacon Pharmacy, a licensed retail pharmacy, specializes in distributing medications and supplies to treat inherited bleeding disorders including hemophilia and von Willebrand Disease. Beacon’s professional, dedicated staff has many years of experience providing outstanding customer care.

For almost four decades, Beacon’s parent organization, Hemophilia of Georgia, has built a strong reputation for serving the specialized needs of people who have bleeding disorders. 

Beacon Pharmacy was founded in 2008 by Hemophilia of Georgia to be responsive to changes in the marketplace and to continue to provide comprehensive services for people in Georgia who have hemophilia and other bleeding disorders.  Like Hemophilia of Georgia, Beacon Pharmacy is committed to supporting the bleeding disorder community in Georgia.

Beacon’s pharmacists and staff work closely with the healthcare professionals at the Hemophilia Treatment Centers throughout the state. Together, they coordinate clients’ treatment plans and ensure that clients have access to the medications and supplies they need.  Beacon Pharmacy coordinates with Hemophilia of Georgia to provide outreach nursing, social work, and educational events for clients. 

URAC Accreditation logo 1 croppedThe Hemophilia of Georgia and Beacon pharmacies are URAC accredited, which is the gold standard for specialty pharmacy accreditation. Specialty pharmacies play an increasingly important role as a member of the patient management team. They help guide care plans to improve patient outcomes and financial outcomes. This accreditation ensures your are getting the most comprehensive care from our clinical staff as possible.

ACHC logoBeacon Pharmacy is accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Health Care, Inc. Call ACHC at 919-785-1214 to report a complaint to the pharmacy accreditation agency.



To speak to a pharmacist after hours, call 770-518-8272 or 1-877-221-6883.